Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fall Time Fancies

I change my favorite season about four times a year. 
Fall's the current favorite. (see how that works?)
I'm the same way with cities..foods...people. Depends on the day.

Anyway, fall, people! It's here. I just noticed today. I'm promise you, when I went to bed yesterday, all the leaves on the trees were green. Today they are gorgeous variations of red, orange, and yellow! It's so beautiful. 

I hate to be that stereotypical person loving fall but can you help it?! Think about it. You have nature turning on it's charm with color and the absolute perfect not-too-hot-not-too-cold temperatures. You have apples, which we covered last week. (Update: those apples were de-licious.) The perfect evenings for fire, which is like the epitome of cozy, Minus the smoke and danger. You have the entrance of some of most comfortable clothing ever invented. Fall. It's where it's at. ("it" being pure joy) At least until Christmas comes. Which is in about two weeks. 

Then there is the food. So all the traditional goodness aside, two years ago I had this dessert that changed my life. 

It's called Snappledoodle. 
Alright so I made that name up. 
It's basically an apple crisp but instead of crust there is snickerdoodle cookies.
So you just make standard apple pie filling and top it with snickerdoodle cookie mix.
You will cry tears of joy, 
I mean, you would. If you had it. Which you should. 

Besides, how fun is it to say Snappledoodle?

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