Friday, October 17, 2014

Then there's that.

This is also assigned.
I made this random slideshow.
It's not exactly riveting.
But it served it's purpose.
Oh, did I mention I kinda like coffee?

It's a must.

Remember how this whole blog thing is a scool assignment with a few things added for fun? Well here's another assignment post! Just a little test of embedded movies created by me.
I feel like these always end up being about my nieces. What can I say, they're adorable. 

Also, they're currently visiting. You know what's awesome? A house with six kids under the age of six. Woah. (yes, we're drinking lots of coffee)

Oh! and this song! Vic Damone. I'm not sure how he didn't become more famous. He has a fabulously smooth voice. I'm a fan.